Goat Race

I’m not much into sport. You’ll not find too many sporting events in this place. But sport is an immensely seasonal event, calendars are set by the football season, Wimbledon, the Grand National etc.

And of course the Oxford & Cambridge Annual Goat Race.

Yes, that’s not a typo. Goat race. Goat racing is surprising common in places like the Caribbean (although I suspect infused with much tropical booze, rather than full on athletic training, but who knows!), but in the UK, not so much.

So while Oxford & Cambridge scholars are puffing their guts out rowing the river Thames in a boat race, over at Spitalfields City Farm in London, a couple of goats take a stroll.


And why not! Tickets for the event are sold, and the money raised goes to the farm charity, so it’s all good.

But it’s not just goats racing, theres pigs too, and arts ‘n’ crafts involving vegetables.


I found a video of last years event on Vimeo, but it’s so full of hairy hipsters it feels like a piss-take, and I can’t bear to link it. Check it out if you must.

This years competitors were Hamish for Oxford and Hugo for Cambridge.


Hamish took the edible trophy this year, in the 200 metre stroll/run/race/amble/stop to chew some hipster beards.

Farm manager Mhairi Weir said: “Our goats race every single day, because they’re down in the paddock during the day and then they’re taken back up to the stables for their food – they’re always in a rush.

“If the goats choose to race at a leisurely snail’s pace, then that’s fine by us.”

Well done Hamish. Have a tasty thistle.


Check out the farm here.


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